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Mark Mansfield knew from a very early age that he would work in healthcare. An experience from his childhood made him want to help those who needed help, and fix people who needed fixing. As one of the founders of Primary Care Specialists, he’s honored that calling.

“When I was seven I studied the anatomy and the layers of the human body in the Encyclopedia Britannica; remember those clear pages?” At a young age, Dr. Mansfield fell in love with the sciences and developed a hunger for unbiased answers, “We call that evidence based, outcome oriented medicine in Family Medicine”, he explains. “At age ten I thought my family doctor was amazing for fixing my sore throat. He was wearing a white coat, and I remember wanting to be like that; I wanted to be a professional. At age fifteen he set my broken hand in the ER which hurt so badly when he set it and then he placed me into a cast. I wanted to fix people who needed fixing.”

Dr. Mansfield is extremely detail oriented. He is an expert in sitting down and going over all of a patient’s medications and health history to provide a more accurate and tighter controlled diagnosis. “Patients say I take their illness very personally, and it is true. I engage with the patients and their story and do my absolute best to help them.” Dr. Mansfield is also involved in local sports as a coach for wrestling and soccer. He admits his competitive nature carries over into his practice, “I can be pretty intense with my patients sometimes, like a coach.”

Dr. Mansfield is married and has three children. Originally from a small town in Nevada, Dr. Mansfield wanted to move to Idaho because of the family focused environment and his love for the outdoors. Because of this, he did his residency at Idaho State University. Dr. Mansfield is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been on the medical staff at Portneuf Medical Center since 1997. He is an Associate Faculty member at Idaho State University’s Family Practice Residency as well as the Physician Assistant Program. He holds an Associate in Math and Science from Lassen College, a Bachelors of Arts in Zoology from Arizona State University and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Nevada Reno.

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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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