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Jordan Stevens

Jordan isn’t a walking example of what makes a great healthcare provider – she’s a running example. Jordan continually brings a kind and straight forward diagnoses and treatment approach to each of her patients.

Jordan Stevens won her first contest when she was just 3 years old. It was a coloring contest and ever since she excelled in many facets of her life. During college, Jordan remained on the High Honor roll and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and her Master of Science of Nursing in 2015. While pursuing her academic achievements Jordan also hiked through the Himalayan Mountain in Nepal while completing humanitarian work for the JRM Foundation. She knows a little bit of German and was once voted for Best Hair in high school.

Jordan brings her diligent and persistent personality into the clinic – and it shows. Her patients continually rave about her ability to remain hyper focused on the ailment that’s currently burdening them and her efficiency in diagnosing and prescribing a personalize treatment plan. Jordan understands that illness and injury can often times be obscure, but she loves to follow the clues, review patient history and personally asses their symptoms to determine what needs to be done. Her sense of purpose is fulfilled when patients return feeling better and happier with her help.

Beyond her degrees Jordan has certifications in Fit & Fall Proof exercise training, Advance Cardiovascular Life Support and Pediatric Advance Life Support. When she’s out of the office, she loves to spend time with her two boys and husband. They enjoy all of summers outdoor activities, including: traveling, hiking, camping, eating marshmallows, watching the Price is Right or enjoying some seafood.

Jordan grew up in Bancroft, Idaho but has enjoyed moving to a lot of different places around the country including Vegas, Washington, and all over Idaho. She’s stayed in Pocatello because of her connection to the Idaho State University Nursing School and family. She’s been a team member at PCS since 2016 and brings her Rockstar attitude each and everyday to each and every patient.

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8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
8:30 AM – 8:00 PM

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  • Family Nurse Practitioner | Priority Care | Primary Care Specialists
  • Registered Nurse | Office Manger | Advance Home Health
  • Registered Nurse | Caribou Memorial Hospital
  • Registered Nurse | Dialysis | Idaho Kidney Center
  • Registered Nurse | Home Health
  • Registered Nurse | Assisted Living

A Family Nurse Practitioner, who may also be referred to by the acronym FNP, is a registered nurse with specialized educational and clinical training in family practice. Nurse practitioners have a higher degree of training, in both the classroom and clinical setting, than Registered Nurses do, although becoming an RN is a prerequisite.

Family Nurse Practitioners in particular are trained to work with both children and adults, most often in the context of a family practice or clinical setting. FNPs work with patients on maintaining health and wellness over the long term with a particular focus on preventative care. Many FNPs also choose to work in underserved populations and communities.

  • Fit & Fall Class Certification
  • Advance Cardiovascular Life Support
  • Pediatric Advance Life Support
  • Coloring Contest
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