Our team

Our approach to health care is team based. This means while your primary care will often be completed by one of our doctors, an entire support team of nurses and physicians assistants are assisting you with additional coverage before and after your visits.

Dr. Mark Mansfield

Dr. Mansfield is an expert at sitting down and really listening to the patient. He strives to understand every patients’ symptom and their effects on their lives. Dr. Mansfield rejoices when patients leave better and rejuvenated with the hope he is able to provide.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Codie Roberston

Codie Robertson has been a Nurse Practitioner with Primary Care Specialists for 5 years and brings her very kind and understanding personality into each visit.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Jordan Stevens

Jordan loves developing lasting relationships with patients and doesn’t stop working for them until they’re back to 100%.

Physician Assistant

Tawny Spurlock

Tawny Spurlock is our newest provider and brings her extensive work history and knowledge into each appointment.

Dr. Richard Maynard

Dr. Maynard has been a Family Practice physician in Pocatello for over 3 decades. That means for over 30 years the priority of a patients health has been on Dr. Maynard’s mind everyday. During this time he’s cultivated a deep sense of empathy and concern for patients and works tirelessly to help them maintain good health standards.

Great practice means great health care

Primary Care Specialists in action


Each patient will be treated equally with our expertise, compassion and integrity.


Our dedication to the patient is our top priority. Each day we strive to have kids leave healthier, parents leave happier and every patient’s experience is remarkable.


Primary Care Specialists was designed to have dynamic and multiple treating departments so expected or unexpected medical care needs are always met.


Our efforts to maintain or improve patients healthcare needs are done with compassion, understanding and kindness.

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Office Fax

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