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No appointment necessary; Avoid long ER wait times.

The cost of a visit SPORTS AND ORTHOPEDIC ACUTE CARE is considerably less than the average hospital emergency room visit.  Your follow-up care will be arranged and guaranteed at discharge; without scheduling issues.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Mansfield loves being active and has personally participated in many sports including competitive baseball, football, swimming, soccer, archery, boxing and wrestling. He enjoys the outdoors and is also involved in local youth sports as a coach for wrestling and soccer. He admits his competitive spirit carries over into his practice. When a patient comes to him with a condition or problem that they’ve struggled with for years, Dr. Mansfield doesn’t quit until he can help solve it.

Dr. Maynard has played a number of sports, with a particular love for basketball. He has coached youth sports throughout his adult life, including football, soccer, baseball, and most importantly basketball. PCS sponsors many athletes and sports teams and sees participation in and love of sports as being a life time activity. Fitness and good health go together.

DR. ANTHONY JOSEPH – Bio coming soon.

CODIE ROBERTSON – Bio coming soon.

STEPHANIE FOLLETT  – Bio coming soon.


  • Evaluation, management and rehabilitation of sports and orthopedic issues for all age groups on an urgent need basis.
  • Strains, sprains, minor dislocations and fractures.
  • Painful, swollen or injured joints of the foot, ankle, knees, hips, back, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.
  • Pediatric injuries.
  • Sports Injuries.
  • Concussion evaluation and management.  IMPACT CERTIFIED MANDATORY TESTING.
  • Return to participation earlier and safer.
  • Splinting or casting for broken bones, sprains and strains.
  • Laceration repair.
  • Quality, real, pre-participation sports physicals with immunizations.
  • Staffed by board certified Sports Medicine Specialists, Team Physicians and Team Physician Assistants.
  • In-house digital x-rays by certified radiologic technologists.
  • Direct access to sports and orthopedic Specialists.
  • Rehab/Physical therapy/Occupational therapy referrals.

Sports and Orthopedic Acute Care

Sports Medicine:

Sports medicine specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to participating in sports, exercise and/or work. The SPORTS AND ORTHOPEDIC ACUTE CARE “team” includes specialty physicians and surgeons, primary care physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, other personnel in addition to the athlete. Because of the competitive nature of sports, the primary focus of sports medicine is rapid recovery.



Acute Injury care is not a substitute for emergency care. If you’ve suffered a serious or life-threatening injury, call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately.

Our SPORTS AND ORTHOPEDIC ACUTE CARE offers walk-in access to Idaho’s premier SPORTS MEDICINE Specialists.