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Mark Mansfield, MD

“When I was seven I studied the anatomy and the layers of the human body in the Encyclopedia Britannica; remember those clear pages?” At a young age, Dr. Mansfield fell in love with the sciences and developed a hunger for unbiased answers; “We call that evidence based, outcome oriented medicine in Family Medicine”, he explains.  “At age ten I thought my family doctor was amazing for fixing my sore throat. He was wearing a white coat, and I remember wanting to be like that; I wanted to be a professional. At age fifteen he set my broken hand in the ER which hurt so badly when he set it and then he placed me into a cast. I wanted to fix people who needed fixing.”

Dr. Mansfield is extremely detail oriented. He is expert at sitting down and going over all of his patient’s medications and health history to provide a more accurate and tighter controlled diagnosis. “Patients say I take their illness very personally, and it is true. I engage with the patients and their story and do my absolute best to help them.” Dr. Mansfield is also involved in local sports as a coach for wrestling and soccer. He admits his competitive nature carries over into his practice, “I can be pretty intense with my patients sometimes, like a coach.”

Dr. Mansfield is married and has three children. Originally from a small town in Nevada, Dr. Mansfield wanted to move to Idaho because of the family focused environment and his love for the outdoors. Because of this, he did his residency at Idaho State University. Dr. Mansfield is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been on the medical staff at Portneuf Medical Center since 1997.  He is an Associate Faculty member at Idaho State University’s Family Practice Residency as well as the Physician Assistant Program. He holds an Associates in Math and Science from Lassen College, a Bachelors of Arts in Zoology from Arizona State University and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Nevada Reno.

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Richard Maynard, DO, FAAFP

“A cowboy, an astronaut, or a doctor”- those were the careers Dr. Maynard was considering as a child. From the age of 3, Dr. Maynard was considering a career in medicine. Dr. Maynard has now been a Family Practice physician in Pocatello for over 2 decades and yet he is still always looking for ways to learn and find solutions to help his patients with their healthcare needs.

He feels everyone deserves quality care that is evidence based. Keeping up to date on the latest and most effective treatments and guidelines for patient health is a top priority for him. Even patients who see one of the experienced Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners at the office will get a chart review from Dr. Maynard. Even though it isn’t required, he feels every patient deserves a personal review of their care by their physician.

What guides Dr. Maynard is a strong sense of family, not just with his own wife and nine children, but with his staff and all his patients. Being family oriented gives him an empathy in his practice. He understands the concerns his patients may have and works to help them feel comfortable and encourages them to take an active part in their medical care.

Dr. Maynard believes in being proactive when it comes to treating his patients. He says medication isn’t always the answer and he believes strongly in encouraging his patients to seek a healthy lifestyle. “I help my patients set goals and when I see them reach those goals that is really rewarding.”

Dr. Maynard has a Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University and graduated from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, IA. He completed a residency in Family Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Maynard is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Dr. JosephAnthony Joseph, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM

If you attend sporting events in Pocatello, then you are very likely to see Dr. Joseph on the sidelines working with athletes and making sure they are safe and healthy. He has worked for almost 20 years with high school, college, and even professional teams. He is part of Portneuf Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Institute and he has been the team physician for Idaho State University since 1997. Dr. Joseph is not only certified in sports medicine, but participates himself in a number of activities and understands how important it is for athletes to remain able to enjoy those activities.

Dr. Joseph says his goal is to return patients with sports injuries back to play as soon as possible. He treats minor sprains, strains and fractures, but also offers spine care, epidural injections, and treatment for asthma and other conditions that are unique to athletes.

Dr. Joseph graduated from St. Louis University Medical School and is the only member of the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine currently practicing in Southeast Idaho. He is also a member of the North American Spine Society and the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine.

His work in ultrasound assisted surgery is nationally known and he received specialized training in this from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. With this training and experience, Dr. Joseph is a vital part of the Sports Hernia program at Portneuf Medical Center.

Dr. Joseph is also a part of the important work being done in concussion diagnosis and treatment and is involved in the development of the concussion management program at Idaho State University.

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Codie Roberston, FNP-C

Codie Robertson not only wants to understand her patients’ medical needs, but really enjoys getting to know them as individuals. “I enjoy the challenges of medicine and I love to learn, but it is the relationships I develop with my patients that I really enjoy.”

Codie is married and her husband is a Pocatello Police officer. They have 4 children and spend their free time downhill skiing, hiking, and fishing. Codie grew up in Pocatello and is glad she is able to take care of the people of her hometown community.

She worked for five years as a registered nurse before she went back to school at Idaho State University to become a Nurse Practitioner.

“Every day I feel good and especially when a patient thanks me,” says Codie. She loves her job and says there isn’t a day that goes by that she isn’t happy about her choice of careers. “I wouldn’t give it a second thought.”

Codie has a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree from Idaho State University and holds a number of certifications and licenses in the field of nursing. She has served many South Eastern Idaho communities in her clinical rotations. She loves the challenges and successes she experiences working with her patients.

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Stephanie Follett, FNP-C

At an early age Stephanie found helping people who were sick to be something she was good at. She spent time when she was young helping family members who were ill and along with her interest in the workings of the human body, she was well on her way to a career in medicine. It is a choice she doesn’t regret.

Stephanie enjoys many aspects of her practice, and loves seeing her patients feel better and come back with a smile. She also finds preventative care satisfying and likes helping people be healthy and stay that way.
Growing up in Firth, Stephanie loves Idaho and being close to family. She and her husband Matt love sports and the outdoors.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from BYU-Idaho and her Masters of Science degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Idaho State University. She worked at Portneuf Medical Center in Peri-Operative Services as an RN before and while going back to school.

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